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I'm Tatjana, certified Life Coach with the focus on Mental health using a Taopsychological approach in my practices.
I have studied
Psychology, Coaching, Natural hygiene, Reiki and Taoism for over one and a half decade, but no education surpasses the intelligence of Life.

I'm looking forward towards working together with you on your personal journey of achievements.
Every person is a unique work of art from my perspective.

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I would like to welcome you high energy with a Winter-discount of 45% to celebrate together with you the opening of my coaching centre 'GROW UP' and the release of the first program GROW STRONGER.

GROW STRONGER is a 2-day Live online program that provides you with information and tools to care for- and strengthen your body using:
- Personal Leadership
- Clearing out your system
- Orthomolecular nutrition
- Physical movement and Posture


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