When I was a little girl, the world looked like a theatre to me. On the age of 4 I clearly noticed a contrast between the way people behaved and what their presence was truly revealing when no one was looking. I was fascinated by these moments. They were real, interesting, primal, funny, but also taboo. Under no circumstances do we share with others what is going on inside the house. It's private.

I tried to be a part of this 'theatre' in every way, following the leading examples around me, and it was sometimes fun, and sometimes sad. But mostly, I've noticed that it was hard work.

My parents already divorced before I was born. My mother was a single parent.
My parents had their history together of 7 years relationship and marriage. They both have their own version of facts and I feel that it's wise to leave it at that. However, there are moments in both versions that are similar, which I decided to use as points of reference just for myself.